DEMANT Water Technology

Residential use

tisztavizetLet’s pour fresh water into the glass!

DEMANT Water Technology can solve the question of real clean water. We offer a technology for residential use, that can ensure the continuous, excellent quality, tasty, crystal clean drinking water for the whole family.

Surely your family’s and kid’s health is the most important for you. This is DEMANT Water Technology’s philosophy as well. Therefore, we study every day how to get fresh, clean, healthy water in an even more environmentally friendly way.

Unfortunately tap water that we consume every day contains more and more contamination (chemical, medicine remnants), that is not filtered properly, and fertilized by chlorine, which dangerous effect on health has been proven.

Industrial use

iparitisztitoClean water for industrial solutions!

The role of crystal clean water that is free from contaminations is getting more important in different industrial sectors. In addition to medical, laboratory and agricultural water cleaners we can prepare and distribute any kind of industrial equipment to satisfy individual needs.

Our company has several years work experience in field of design and production of unique industrial, clinical and laboratory water cleaning devices.

Also nowadays we produce water cleaner devices not only for Hungarian companies but also for German, American ones. Our aim is to manufacture such quality that can fulfil the increasing needs. We give several years guarantee and take care of the good quality tools as well.

Our experts supervise the whole process from design to local set-up.